Our Mission

PLAN’s Mission is:

  • To make pipeline issues visible to all stakeholders and thus to ensure safe installation and operating practices
  • To be known as a center of excellence throughout the region
  • To promote local content in all pipeline matters where feasible

PLAN’s Objective is:

The representation of its members where this may benefit the members and making known the interest of its members as widely and as clearly as possible.
The members’ interests, are not exclusively:

  1. To promote the positive perception and appreciation of the importance of pipelines and create awareness among members of the public on harmful effects of pipeline vandalism.
  2. To provide information and professional advice and support on all pipelines issues to government and other agencies.
  3. To stimulate and improve local expertise in the pipeline discipline.
  4. To facilitate the sharing of experiences and best practices among pipeline operators, service providers, regulators and any professional in the pipeline industry.
  5. To encourage improvement in design, construction, integrity management, security, reliability and flow assurance of pipelines.
  6. To provide an Association through which training and skill development can be made available.

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